Nutrimatters supports Actionable Knowledge in three different ways through our Programs, Courses, and Articles because everyone has different learning preferences. The Programs approach is for people whose learning preference is “just tell me what to do.” Courses and Articles explain the new science behind the Programs, encouraging you to take action. But persisting in that action over a long time is just as essential as taking action to get results. Our Programs are designed to help you do both.
Belief, resources, and progress are critical to sustaining real change. Belief comes from completing the online Courses or reading the Articles that explain the new science. The resources are good old time and money. Programs are for people with busy lives who don’t have the time to watch long YouTube videos or find 10 hours plus for each of a dozen audiobooks. We are also a nonprofit, so we make Programs available for free, and in the case of SitNix™, even save you money. Finally, experiencing progress in your efforts is the key to a sustained effort. We continuously point out ways you can tell good things are happening based on your efforts.


Learn About What, When, and How to Eat Based on the Latest Scientific Research.

The single most effective change you can make to change your nutrition and activity to avoid and reverse obesity and metabolic disease is to match your eating and activity cycles with the body’s everyday natural cycles. Scientists call this Time Restricted Eating (or Feeding when discussing lab research). This is not the same as Intermittent Fasting which changes by day of the week. According to the new science, Intermittent Fasting makes as much sense as Intermittent Sleeping.

6by6Living is a Time Restricted Eating plan where each day you do all your eating in a 6-hour period that ends 6 hours before sleeping. Food is optimally processed to make energy, not fat based on the hormone changes of the circadian rhythm. It also allows the gut to rest, recover, and recharge. This program explains the science, giving you the confidence to try it and be convinced by your results.



Help Dismantle the Gauntlet of Mostly Harmful Snacks in the Checkout Lanes In Retail Stores.

Life is a batch process, and the digestive system’s mechanical and chemical processes work best on batches of food. Continuous eating, also known as snacking, upends the batch process of the digestive system. Not snacking lets the body rest, reload, and recharge the mechanics and chemistry of digestion for the next batch. New insights about how the gut and microbiome function reveal that these snacks are much more harmful than just the extra calories, which is bad enough.

The Nutrimatters SnackNix™ Program is mobilizing the public to encourage stores to dismantle the gauntlet of mostly harmful snacks in the checkout lanes. Use this program to add your voice to the cause.



Get Financial Help to Purchase a Standing Desk and Other Items to Encourage Less Frequent Sitting.

Sitting is called the new smoking because new research shows sitting is worse for your health than smoking. Body fat releases inflammatory hormones throughout the day. The body’s natural counter-inflammatory system releases anti-inflammatory hormones only when muscles are activated. Numerous muscles are activated just by standing and being weight-bearing. So, whenever you are weight-bearing, you neutralize the inflammatory hormones of fat with anti-inflammatory hormones of activated muscle.

The SitNix™ Program helps you find financial support to purchase standing desks and tables, dynamic seating, and other items that encourage you to be weight-bearing throughout your day.



Avoid Harmful Food by Looking for the TrustedEating™ Logo Confirming Lab-Tested Food Ingredient Lists.

The TrustedEating™ Program helps you find food that is certified by Nutrimatters and helps producers get authorized to show the TrustedEating logo on their products. The new science makes it clear that in the nutrient-rich modern diet, it’s more important what you don’t eat than what you do eat.. Nutrimatters reviews producers’ ingredient lists and randomly conducts laboratory testing to ensure the submitted ingredient lists are accurate for the certified products in the market.

We ensure the food you’re eating contains no preservatives (natural or synthetic), additives, emulsifiers, thickeners, added complex sugars (fructose, sucrose, etc.) harmful oils, flavor enhancers to make food addictive, or other threshold toxins unless they are are proven safe for you AND your gut and microbiome. Before something is added to food, our standard is it must be proven safe, rather than the current standard of not yet proven harmful.

Nutrition Matters Foundation (Nutrimatters™) is Platinum Transparency 2024 Rated by GuideStar , the highest rating from the leading nonprofit profiler. Nutrimatters met the highest standards for transparency, disclosure, governance, mission focus, and reflecting the values of the community it serves.
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