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The Nutrition Matters Foundation (“Nutrimatters”) is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. Donations will typically be tax deductible in the US. We have no supplements for sale, paywalls, affiliate links, or subscriptions. Nothing where the for-profit model interferes with the most effective means to apply the new research for a healthier future for everyone. Without your tax-deductible donation, we cannot operate. We provide several convenient ways to donate and provide strong donor support and benefits.

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Our Approach to Donations

We only accept donations from sources dedicated to avoiding and reversing obesity and metabolic disease through educating everyone on how the body works based on the new science. We work with our Donors for the best outcomes for everyone including a donor portal to track giving, tax receipts and special donor benefits.
We are dedicated to not using donations from the producers of factory food, their advocates, or their proxies, nor anyone not operating in good faith in helping everyone avoid and reverse obesity and metabolic disease. And we mean everyone. We have developed systems to support everyone from the smallest donors to advanced trusts that enable donors to highly leverage their giving in a particular high-tax year, such as an inheritance or exit from business.

Why Donate

Nutrimatters provides a chance to make a real difference. Our mission to reduce the 17-year timeframe to 7 years of when scientific research is proven until the new research is put into practice. This 10-year timeframe reduction, potentially results in avoiding 80 million deaths and hospitalizations due to obesity and metabolic disease. We’re creating a new educational vector for the new research to get directly from the scientist and researcher to the people most at risk for obesity and metabolic disease.
There are many extraordinary people and organizations focusing on government and regulatory approaches, but we believe with trillions of dollars at stake with the status quo, and billions more in potential new drug sales, the resistance to the change revealed by the new science will be extraordinary. We believe educating the consumers about the new science so they will demand change as they begin feeling great and come to believe they can avoid disease will fast-track the necessary changes in what, when, and how we eat.

Your Impact

Whenever change is coming and it’s not good for a trillion-dollar industry there always seems to be an explosion of dueling experts, misinformation and contradictory research calculated to delay, delay, and delay the recognition that change is needed. This is the “Merchants of Doubt” strategy so well described in a documentary about the tobacco industry that kept people from the truth about tobacco for over 40 years. “Sugar Coated”, another documentary about the sugar industry that decades later is still hiding the truth about sugar. We can expect the same with the new science and the changes it calls for in food production and nutrition.
With your help we’re going to take a completely different approach and not simply add another voice to the orchestrated chaos. Instead we’re going to educate people how their body really works based on the new science and let them see the new science work for them. We believe people will demand changes in what, when and how they eat and market forces will do the rest. Together we can do this.
Nutrition Matters Foundation (Nutrimatters™) is Platinum Transparency 2024 Rated by GuideStar , the highest rating from the leading nonprofit profiler. Nutrimatters met the highest standards for transparency, disclosure, governance, mission focus, and reflecting the values of the community it serves.
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