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Nutrimatters is an IRS-approved nonprofit foundation dedicated to a healthier future for everyone free of obesity and metabolic disease. Our Programs, Courses, and Articles teach new science about how the body works and new insights into food to avoid and reverse obesity and metabolic disease without expensive programs, supplements, medicines, or surgery.
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What's the mission?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all Americans are obese, and the number is growing rapidly. At the same time, an unprecedented body of new scientific research is changing almost everything everyone knows about nutrition and reveals a path to reversing this trend.
Unfortunately, the US National Institutes of Health has determined it takes an average of 17 years for new proven research to be put into practice. The US National Center for Health Statistics reports nearly eight million Americans die or are hospitalized each year due to obesity-related metabolic diseases. Eight million deaths and hospitalizations yearly for 17 years is 136 million obesity and metabolic disease casualties.
Given what’s at stake, 17 years is simply too long. In collaboration with leading scientists, medical experts, and educators, Nutrimatters intends to help shorten this 17-year time frame to seven years.
Taking ten years off this time frame can save 80 million obesity and metabolic disease casualties. We will accomplish this by translating this often complex, conflicting, and confusing new research into freely accessible Actionable Knowledge and by teaching a new predictive model of how humans process food. With Actionable Knowledge and an understanding of this new model, people will not have to wait for their institutions to tell them how to avoid becoming another obesity and metabolic disease casualty.

Why do we need a new approach?

The success rate of current approaches without medicines and surgery is measured in single digits for permanent weight loss, which is where significant health benefits are realized. Clearly, the current approach isn't effective by any meaningful objective standard.
Historically, nutrition research is uniquely unreliable because, unlike other sciences, it has been primarily based on population studies that observe the health effects, behaviors, and environments of large populations. Population studies have low reliability because it is almost impossible to control all variables in large populations of people.
Many of the major population studies in nutrition underlying current thinking have recently been proven wrong. Fortunately, new genetics technology and new FDA research rules now allow nutrition research to use other more reliable methods proven in other sciences.
Historically, the FDA required proof of significant improvement of the disease for approval. However, some diseases take a very long time to progress to the clinical level. The result is that every experiment on every potential improvement takes many years to complete. Recognizing this and facing serious rises in several critical diseases, the FDA is opening up to a new approach. If reliable science has connected certain markers with the disease, and changing those markers improves the disease, then you only need to prove the development improved those markers.
For example, research has shown a strong connection between blood LDL and heart disease. If your development can be shown to improve LDL, then your development can be approved in a much shorter time. New markers are being discovered regarding obesity and metabolic diseases, such as insulin resistance and inflammation. If a development improves these markers, it can be approved in a much shorter time. This greatly increases the number of approved developments and the need to share that information.

How are we different?

Nutrimatters has no supplements for sale, paywalls, or subscriptions. Nothing where the for-profit model interferes with the most effective means to apply the new research for a healthier future for everyone.
We are not doctors, nutritionists, or scientists. There is no shortage of journals, websites, books, videos, and podcasts for that kind of guidance. We respect, value, and use these sources without claiming superiority.
Nutrimatters claims a different perspective based on our ability to discern reliable research and realize improved outcomes from objectively applying the new science without regard for making money, career advancement, or scientific rivalries.
We believe the “Truth Cannot Be Monetized.” Why? Because as soon as you try to monetize the truth, the truth changes to suit monetization. According to the new science, the truth is that avoiding and reversing obesity and metabolic disease can be achieved without expensive programs, supplements, medicines, or surgery. So far, we haven’t seen much interest in sharing a truth with such little profit potential.
But despite its lack of commercial appeal, the new science shows us a clear path forward. We prove this daily in our busy lives and are here to share what we've learned, relying only on donations to cover operations.

What’s new in our approach?

Nutrimatters hasn’t invented or discovered anything. Our curriculum comes primarily from the work of extraordinary scientists published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. Nutrimatters essentially curates and translates this new research so it can be understood and put to practical use by people fully engaged in the everyday joys and challenges of modern living. We call the results Actionable Knowledge.
Actionable Knowledge is simplified insights directly from the new research tailored for easy comprehension and everyday use. We explain the science and research underlying Actionable Knowledge in our Courses and Articles to provide working knowledge for daily decision-making for a healthier future.
Unlike virtually every other program addressing obesity and metabolic disease that promotes expensive foods, supplements, programs, medicines, and surgery, our approach does not significantly increase the family budget, making healthy nutrition practices available to everyone regardless of ability to pay. We further support Actionable Knowledge through action-based programs such as , , , and .
Actionable Knowledge mirrors an approach used by the Intelligence Community, which often makes critical decisions based on models developed with incomplete and sometimes even speculative information. This is called Actionable Intelligence, and it depends on understanding thresholds that, when reached, make the model reliably predictive of outcomes even if unknowns remain.
New nutrition research reveals we know far less about the human body and nutrition than we thought. In response, Nutrimatters is bringing a predictive modeling approach to nutrition that is the foundation of Actionable Knowledge.

Our Programs


Learn About What, When, and How to Eat Based on the Latest Scientific Research

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Very Special Online Courses

Nutrimatters supports Actionable Knowledge in 3 different ways through our Programs, Courses, and Articles because everyone has different learning preferences. The Courses approach is for people who like to watch videos and online courses with progress monitoring and optional testing and certification. Courses remain true to the science while being an enjoyable learning experience. Nutrimatters uses VPortal™, an online video course system used by major universities to avoid paywalls, advertising, subscriptions, and tracking.

Extraordinary Articles

The Article approach to presenting Actionable Knowledge is for people who like to read articles rather than watch videos. The information is much the same as the video courses but presented in a text and graphics format. What makes our Articles exceptional is that while they stay true to the new science, they are much easier to read, understand, and relate to everyday life. We have resisted the tendency to use obscure and obtuse scientific terms simply to fortify perceptions of our scholarliness.
Nutrition Matters Foundation (Nutrimatters™) is Platinum Transparency 2024 Rated by Candid.org GuideStar , the highest rating from the leading nonprofit profiler. Nutrimatters met the highest standards for transparency, disclosure, governance, mission focus, and reflecting the values of the community it serves.
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